Concep Machine Company, Inc

1800 Holste Rd.

Northbrook, IL 60062

Automated Solutions For Any Market

Concep Machine Company has delivered automated solutions to many manufacturing challenges over the years. These include design, build and commissioning of machines to support assembly and testing of:

  • Drug Delivery devices – fixed and adjustable dose syringes, cartridge pumps
  • IV set components and complete tubing sets with multiple components or assemblies attached
  • Special purpose IV pouch handling, assembly and packaging
  • Catheter assembly and testing – IV and Enteral feeding
  • Diagnostic cassettes and web based component assembly
  • Cannulae handling, feeding, insert molding and precision grinding
  • Filling, potting and high accuracy dispensing
  • High-speed consumer goods packaging
  • Precision wire feeding, welding and terminiation
  • Vision aided product inspection
  • Laser marking and cutting 
  • Robotic servomotor actuated workcells 

Our client list includes several Fortune 100 companies as well as companies with niche capabilities that benefit from our unique approach to design of dedicated and flexible equipment. 

Quality, Precision, Reliability